F.I.T. to Shine!

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We believe that being "F.I.T." means taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits so we can SHINE in the areas in which God has called us!  We teach kids and families how to enjoy healthy, sustainable habits, while sharing with them the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ--  which ultimately brings forth Faith-Filled, Intentional Transformation into our lives!

Upcoming Classes & Events

Join us for our  fun-filled, faith-based family fitness and wellness classes for all ages! Kids will have fun with games, dancing, drumsticks and more! Parents, we've got you covered with fitness and wellness classes just for you too! 

21 Days of "Walking the Words of Jesus" Challenge

Join us for this 21-day challenge with Revelation Wellness, as we bring your body and your mind closer to God as you journey through the words of Jesus.

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Family Fitness Classes

It's not just about the fitness! You'll love our virtual library of faith-based fitness classes that are designed to fully train your family-- body, mind and spirit!  

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