Our Mission

To educate, encourage and empower children and families to EAT WELL, MOVE MORE and 
BE F.I.T. for LIFE! 

We take care of our bodies so that we can be F.I.T. to SHINE for Jesus in all areas of our lives!

It's More Than Just Fitness!

F.I.T. stands for Faith-Filled, Intentional Transformation. We believe that true transformation—physical, mental and spiritual—only comes when we take PROactive steps to invite God to guide our pursuit of health and wholeness.

Through the Word of God, we learn about our identity and calling in Christ and gain confidence in who He has called us to be. This knowledge and confidence, coupled with sustainable, healthy habits, allows us to SHINE for Him in all areas of our lives! 

Through our faith-based fitness classes, nutrition education, cooking parties and family health coaching programs, we aim to:
    ●  Shine the light on our identity in Christ and build confidence in who He has
        called us to be!
    ●  Lead children and families to wholeness through faith and fitness!
    ●  Make movement fun for all ages!
    ●  Help children develop healthy relationships with food at an early age.
    ●  Help make healthy habits easy and sustainable for the entire family!

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Meet the Founders

Adrienne M. Edge, M.Ed. 
Founder, ProFIT Family Wellness
● Certified Revelation Wellness® Instructor
● Licensed Keola® Christian Fitness Instructor
● Certified Barre Above® Instructor
● Certified Family Health Coach,
    Dr. Sears Wellness Institute® 
● Certified CATCH® Kids Club Trainer 

About Adrienne
Fave Colors:   Turquoise | Pink
Fave Treats:   Limoncello LaCroix | Dark Chocolate
Fave Family Activities:   Bike Rides | Swimming | Bowling | Movies | Cooking 

Welcome to the #ProFITFam! I'm so glad you're here!

I am a wife and scratch-cooking mom of two who inspires others to embrace the fun and excitement of discovering how to live their best lives in light of the God who created us!

As a family health coach, wellness educator and fitness instructor, my mission is to use my gifts, skills and experience to cultivate the next generation of healthy, confident and connected believers rooted in Christ. I teach children how to move and nourish their bodies well so they can be spiritually, mentally and physically F.I.T. for their calling in Jesus Christ!

As a mom, I absolutely love cooking and trying new recipes that my family will enjoy! I teach my kids and others the importance of nourishing our bodies well, while also encouraging a balanced approach to nutrition that allows for flexibility and enjoyment.

As a certified Christian fitness instructor, I am a huge proponent of grace-filled movement. To me, exercise is not something that is done to achieve a certain weight—it is done as worship and a way to honor the body that God has blessed us with. I enjoy various styles of low-impact, intentional movement, including barre, Pilates and Keola® (Christian alternative to yoga)... and I also love breaking a sweat (or as I call it, “Shining for Jesus”) with the heart-pumping energy of kickboxing, cardio dance and drumsticks as well! I aim to bring grace, freedom and joy to each class, along with Biblical teaching and Scripture meditation to offer a unique Christ-centered encounter for all ages.

How God changed my view of fitness...
As a former dancer, movement and fitness have always been a part of my life; however, dance also fueled a mindset of performance, striving, comparison and an unhealthy body image. This eventually led to physical injuries and a distorted view of fitness and wellness. As I got older and experienced the bodily changes that occur with childbirth and motherhood, my body confidence continued to decrease, along with the hope of seeing lower numbers on the scale. By eventually accepting God’s truth and healing for my body, the scale is no longer my motivation for movement. Through the power of Galatians 5:1, I accept the freedom given by Christ to live beyond the expectations of others... and the scale.

I now embrace a lifestyle that nourishes and celebrates my body, and I encourage others to invite God to bring this Faith-Filled, Intentional Transformation into their personal wellness journeys and their lives.

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LeNolon Edge, Sr. 

Founder, ProFIT Financial Group
● Final Expense Expert
● Financial Services Specialist
● Family Financial Educator 

Fave Color:       Clemson Orange
Fave Hobbies:  
Golf | Bowling
Fave Treats:     Massages 
Fave Family Activity: Telling Dad jokes

About LeNolon

Greetings #ProFITFam from Your Agent and Friend for Life!

I am the founder of ProFIT Financial Group. ProFIT Financial Group provides financial education, services and resources to families surrounding life insurance and funeral planning, as well as helps families plan and fund funerals for themselves and loved ones.

I provide guidance and support to families in taking PROactive measures to PROtect their families from the burden unexpected final expenses may bring. Taking these steps brings comfort to families and allows them to mourn and grieve in peace on the worst day of their lives.

I'm a fun-loving, dancin' dad of two. My vision for this company is to allow God to merge my passion for financial education and freedom, with my wife's passion of health and wellness, to create an opportunity for families to find security, health and healing using God's Word as a guide.

I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Clemson University (Go Tigers!!) and was blessed with the opportunity to serve the communities in the South Carolina Lowcountry through city planning and economic development for over a decade.

In 2010, I completed the Systematic Theology & Ministry Training Course at Living Hope Community Fellowship (Garden City, GA) which allowed me the opportunity to teach and serve in church and ministry leadership. I grew up in North Myrtle Beach, SC and currently reside in Summerville, SC with my family where we are members of Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church (N. Charleston, SC). I enjoy golfing, bowling, kickboxing and cheering the Clemson Tigers to victory!

Learn more about ProFIT Financial Group: 
[email protected]

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ProFIT Family Wellness is a subsidiary of ProFIT Financial Group, LLC, a unique collaboration that marries our family's passion for health and wellness with the need for financial education, development and freedom. ProFIT Financial Group & ProFIT Family Wellness aim to ensure families are PROtected and F.I.T. for Life-- through prayerfully planned financial preparation and positive health, fitness and well-being.