Health Coaching & Wellness Programs
Helping families SHINE by staying active, connected and well in mind, body and spirit

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”
—Matthew 5:14

There’s no doubt about it— healthy families SHINE! Just as our eyes are drawn to a lamp in the darkness, healthy families draw others to them as well. When our families are healthy and strong, we can show up well at school, work, church, and all of the other places in which we are called.

Let me show you easy and sustainable ways to incorporate healthy habits, fueling foods and fun activity into your family’s routine so your family's light can shine brightly FOR HIM!

As a Certified Family Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, my goal is to make healthy living accessible, attainable and fun for all ages!

I provide an array of health coaching programs and services to help individuals, families and organizations achieve their personal health and wellness goals. My services include private health coaching for individuals and families and customizable nutrition and wellness programs for schools, homeschool groups, community organizations, parent groups, churches, businesses and more!

Specializing in Health Coaching for:

Parents & Families:
• Develop a lifetime of achievable healthy habits
• Improve mood, learning and behavior of children through proper nutrition and movement
• Develop a creative plan and rhythm for spiritual discipleship of the family
• Navigate food allergies or picky eating
• Develop systems to prioritize healthy choices in the midst of busy schedules
• Learn how to select prepare and enjoy nutrient-dense, budget-friendly foods
• Prevent and reduce the impact of nutrition-related issues, such as obesity, ADHD, diabetes and more
• Make mealtime and movement fun and easy for the entire family

• Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
• Boost energy levels and reduce the impact of stress on your mind and body
• Better sleep and sharper thinking and performance
• Reduce pain and inflammation and increase vitality
• Discover a personalized weight control plan that actually works
• Discover movement options that you enjoy
• Become fit, strong and flexible I help make the healthy choice the easy choice!

You will receive credible, science-based information, skills and tools to be FIT FOR LIFE! 

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Health Coaching Programs

Private Health Coaching for Individuals and Families
8 Weeks: $425 / 12 Weeks: $600
The FIT to Shine coaching program offers 8 or 12 weeks of a one-on-one coaching experience to help you and/or your family cultivate healthy habits and create an enriching environment that prioritizes the prevention of disease, supports the improvement of current health conditions, enhances learning, performance and behavior and fortifies the wellbeing of each family member. 

This coaching program includes:
• 8 or 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching and support from Adrienne Edge, your certified family health coach
• Initial 90-minute “Ignite” Session to identify your specific goals, develop a wellness vision and a workable plan of action
• Two 45-minute coaching sessions each month to check in on your progress and goals via Zoom (1-2 sessions may include the whole family, if selecting our family coaching option)
• Development and implementation of a customized action plan created to help you and your family meet your health and wellness goals
• Curated educational resources, recipes, workbooks, videos and templates for your family's specific health and wellness needs
• Access to private community of people who are journeying towards optimal health for themselves and their families
• Access to unlimited email and voice text support between sessions

“Ignite” Session: 90-Minute Jumpstart to Optimal Health
One-Time Private Health Coaching Session for Individuals and Families
New Clients: $150 || “Reignite” (established clients): $75

This 90-minute introductory coaching session is just the spark you need to IGNITE your wellness goals! If you feel you just need a jumpstart or nudge in the right direction, this one-time session will help you identify your specific wellness areas of focus, outline a plan of action and identify ways to embrace healthy habits along the way.

This session includes:
• One 90-minute coaching session where we identify primary wellness goals for you or your family
• Downloadable workbook with activities, tips, templates and prompts to help you build and implement habits that will help you reach your wellness goals

20-min Discovery Call (FREE Consultation)
This 20-min virtual introductory session will enable you to learn more about my approach to health coaching and determine if we are a good fit. You will also be able to learn more about the coaching relationship, establish a timeline, set expectations and receive answers to any questions you may have.  

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Additional Services 

Meal Planning and Prep Workshop Series
Two Sessions: $175

This two-session personal workshop series offers customized help in developing and preparing meals for our family’s specific schedule or dietary needs.

• Session 1 (60 minutes) will help you identify ways to overcome challenges you have with meal planning and will help you plan one month’s worth of meals for yourself and/or your family. This session will be virtual.

• Session 2 (up to 90 min) will give you a hands-on walkthrough of prepping your family’s meals for one week. Participants are responsible for providing ingredients for the meal prep session. A grocery list will be provided by your coach. This session may be conducted virtually or in-person.

Pantry Makeover
90 minutes | $125
Is your kitchen in need of a nutritional overhaul? During this 90-minute interactive home consultation, you will learn how to read a nutrition label, identify which foods to consider replacing with healthier options and smart cooking and shopping tips, and more! This session may be done virtually or in-person.

Smart Shopping Trip
90 minutes | $125

Allow me to be your grocery shopping buddy on your next trip! I’ll help you discover the secret to identifying healthy food options for your family. You’ll leave feeling confident navigating each aisle of the grocery store and equipped to select the best options for you and your family! Participants also receive a workbook with information, tips and templates to support their healthy grocery journey. This is an in-person service.  

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